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For many brides-to-be, getting married on the beach fulfills a lifetime of dreams about their wedding day. In the Cayman Islands, you can create your dream wedding complete with white sands and turquoise ocean waters as the backdrop. Couples can cruise to the island, disembark from the ship to get married and finish the cruise as their honeymoon trip.

A picture-perfect wedding in the Cayman Islands starts with a little planning and paperwork before your arrival to ensure everything is done legally. Talk by phone to the marriage officer who will perform your ceremony and get a letter authorizing the marriage. Bring proof of your age, such as your passport or birth certificate. You must be 18 years old or older to get married on the Grand Cayman Islands without parental consent. Bring proof of marital status if you were married previously. This could be a certificate of divorce or a death certificate from your deceased spouse. You must bring the original documents, not photocopies.

Take the authorization letter, proof of age and proof of marital status with you to apply for a non-resident marriage license. Apply for a non-resident marriage license from the deputy chief secretary, located on the third floor of the Administration Building in George Town on Grand Cayman. Licenses are issued the same day as the application. The Cayman Islands have no waiting period for couples wishing to get married on the island.

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You can get married the same day you arrive on the island if all legal requirements have been fulfilled. Sometimes couples use wedding planning services to help plan the details of their wedding, arrange the marriage officer and handle the legal paperwork. These companies may even provide the two witnesses when a couple does not have friends or family accompanying them to their wedding destination. Look at the calendar as you plan your wedding date. If you wish to get married on a public holiday or a Saturday or Sunday when the government offices are closed, you must make arrangements for your marriage license before you arrive on the island.

If the license has not already been arranged, you will not be legally married.

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  8. If there is no valid will, it passes to his or her next of kin under the Succession Law. The grant serves as proof to anyone wishing to see it that the person named in it is entitled to collect in and distribute the estate. Who is entitled to a Grant? The following points are a brief guide: If there is a will with named executors they are the first persons entitled to a grant.

    Legal Requirements

    If there are no executors or the executors are unable or unwilling to apply for a grant of representation, the next person s entitled to a grant is any person named in the will to whom the deceased leaves all his estate or the remainder after the gifts have been paid.

    If the deceased has not made a valid will, then the application for a grant should be made by his or her next of kin in the following order of priority: Husband or Wife Sons or daughters Parents Brothers or Sisters of the whole blood If there are no brothers or sisters of the whole blood then brothers and sisters of the half blood. More distant relatives A grant cannot be issued to any person under the age of If you are not sure whether you are entitled to apply you should check with an attorney-at-law. When more than one person is entitled to a grant they may all obtain a grant together.

    A maximum of only four applicants is allowed. In most situations only one or two persons will need to obtain a grant. If more than one applicant is required the Probate Section will inform the applicant as soon as possible after the application is received. Is there a time limit within which to apply for a Grant? Application for a grant of representation must be made within 6 months of the date of death of the deceased.

    Probate and Administration

    In the event of failure to do so, leave of the Court must be obtained before an application can be made. How do you apply for a Grant?

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    There are two ways to apply for a grant: In Person By hiring the services of an attorney. What forms are there? The Application — the application asks for details of the deceased and the applicant.

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    What documents are required for the application? Where there is a will: The original or a certified Death Certificate The Original Will we suggest that you keep a copy of any will that you send with your application Where there is no will: The original or a certified Death Certificate The Application for Letters of Administration Declaration of Bond in a sum equal to twice the value of the known assets of the Estate given for due execution of the estate. The bond must be given by each grantee. Affidavit of the applicants explaining the basis upon which they are entitled to the grant and stating to the best of their knowledge the assets of the estate.

    This affidavit must also name all persons known to be entitled to share under the estate.

    Is there a court cost to obtain a Grant? What about stamp duty? The stamp duty for certain documents is found in the Stamp Duty Law. Where do I file the application?


    What happens after the application is filed? The application must be published in respect of the estate of persons who died domiciled in the islands. The application is published in the Cayman Gazette for Probate matters.

    Why is it necessary to publish the application? In order to give notice to persons wishing to show cause against the sealing of a grant; that no grant is to be sealed in the estate of the deceased without notice to the person who files a caveat. What is a Caveat? A caveat is a notice in writing lodged in the Probate Registry which prevents a grant being made without notice to the person who has entered the caveat.